• Studs

    "Like twinkling stars adorning the night sky, stud earrings illuminate the ears with timeless elegance and effortless grace."

  • Hoops

    Hoop earrings are stylish circles that hug ears just like a sunny day brightens everything around us."

  • Drop & Danglers

    Sway and dance every movement with stylish drops and danglers. Add a playful yet elegant charm.

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  • Pendants

    Discover pure elegance with our Sterling Silver Locket, featuring mesmerising gemstones. Crafted with care, it holds more than just beauty—it holds memories close to your heart.

  • Pendant & Earrings Set

    Our beautiful crystal pendant & earrings, made for women, are sure to catch people's eyes and make them feel things. Whether you like bold designs with interesting patterns or necklaces with colorful Kinkari decorations, find your new favorite accessory now.


Mother of Pearl Studs Earrings

Embrace elegance with Kinkari's stunning gold-plated stud earrings, adorned with Mother of Pearl and crystals. These carefully crafted beauties are the perfect addition to any outfit. Whether it's a special occasion or your everyday look, let these earrings be your stylish companion.